Senin, 22 Oktober 2012

New Tote Bag ^^

Fiuuhhh... My 3rd Handmade bag finally done..!  ^^
I made this for bringing my Course Book.  Check it out.. !!

Quite simple.. small pocket at front side, beads, covered buttons and circles embroidered..

here's inside the bag :

Two Cell Phone Pocket

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Kamis, 18 Oktober 2012

Handphone Case

I made this Handphone Case few years ago.. made from felt, ribbon, beads.

I've given this for my office mate..

Left to right : for my office mate, the purple one was mine.. ^^, for my sista

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Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

Finally.. I can Finish my Handmade Bag..!!!

I went to Pasar Cipadu with my sister 3 years ago. I bought so many fabrics.. Jeans, Corduroy, Fur,etc.
I plant to make some craft like bag, pouch etc.. but... I couldn't find where to buy "busa pelapis" so i couldn't finish my mission  :'(  hiks  so, my fabrics just stayed in the box for years...!

Two weeks ago.. I started to "bongkar2" and I found my fabrics.. I though.. "I've bought this fabric with a lot money, why just stayed here for long time??"  without "busa pelapis" I tried to make a bag from jeans and application by cotton and embroidered by hand.

so.. this is it... jeans bag made by Me


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Kamis, 02 Agustus 2012


Previous class, The Teacher asked us about our DREAM.. "What would you like to do?" I said when I was child, I really wanna be an Architect. My father ever said when he looked at my Drawing book. "ahh.. you are really good in drawing house, you should become an architect when you grow up" I just smiled at that time. when I grow up, I didn't have any specific dream job. I just wanna be a career woman. work in a good Company, get big salary, have a Good boss, nice friends.. just that.

Now I realize something... I don't wanna be an architect anymore but also I don't really "in to" my current job.
I love my job, I'm happy. Really. trust me..! I'm so thankful to God...

but sometimes I feel empty. this is not what I really want!
I need something different! something that can make me happy. I do my hobbies and I paid. YES, I wanna be a designer. I love art, I love drawing, I love making some crafts.

I don't have any basic in fashion, didn't take any fashion school. but I have a desire. I will learn step by step. I believe in my ability.

I wanna be an Entrepreneur, have my own boutique or factory, my own fashion brand.

Yeaahh... when I go to the Mall to buy some new cloths, I always said "someday my own brand will sell here"
I don't want that "sentences" just a dream. I'm going to make it happen..!!! ^_____^

Rabu, 06 Juni 2012

Blogging while waiting

Today I have Wednesday English class. I've already arrived in ILP at 5:55PM. (I've taken a course in ILP since 5 months ago). I usually open FB or kaskus while i'm waiting for the class. it starts at 7:00PM. since I have new Blog, I decide to change the habit. I'm blogging while waiting. :-)

Ahhh.... almost more than 30 minutes since I start to "blogging while waiting", but look what i've written..?!
not too much, because I don't know what should I write?

Our Relationship

You and Me...

We've been together since 8 months ago.. ^^
Hmmm.... He is so funny, kind, cheerful, always do stupid things to make me smile and laugh :-)

Our first Saturday night
These picture took by him when we visited Ancol about three months ago.

 I miss him so badly! :-(
We're in a long distance relation ship.
He is originally from Samarinda, but lives in Surabaya.

我很想你哥哥。。。! 很爱你。。。!

Senin, 04 Juni 2012

Lazy Day

I've been in lazy mood. 
Lucky me, my boss has been in Bali since yesterday. so I don't have a lot of tasks but I still have so many things to do. I have to study for Mandarin exam. and the exam is...... this Saturday...!
it's driving me crazy...! because I have to memorize "sheng ci 生词" or new words. it's very difficult. they have sooooo many characters with similar form. Oke, let's start study from lesson 17 until lesson 24.
I have to learn 8 lessons but only 4 days left. but I have wednesday and Friday English class. it means 2 days left to learn. 4 lessons in one day..! I've opened my book since 9am, but I haven't read it yet..!

oh.. 13th June I will have English exam.. wish me luck for both exam.. cheers!!!