Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

Finally.. I can Finish my Handmade Bag..!!!

I went to Pasar Cipadu with my sister 3 years ago. I bought so many fabrics.. Jeans, Corduroy, Fur,etc.
I plant to make some craft like bag, pouch etc.. but... I couldn't find where to buy "busa pelapis" so i couldn't finish my mission  :'(  hiks  so, my fabrics just stayed in the box for years...!

Two weeks ago.. I started to "bongkar2" and I found my fabrics.. I though.. "I've bought this fabric with a lot money, why just stayed here for long time??"  without "busa pelapis" I tried to make a bag from jeans and application by cotton and embroidered by hand.

so.. this is it... jeans bag made by Me


Thanks for visiting my Blog..! ^^

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